2 Twitter Accounts That Every Fashion WAG Should Follow

You can always count on social media to give you the right now in everything. My favorite go to for here and now updates is Twitter. Twitter, specifically black twitter delivers information hot and ready. It, often seems as if we get it as it is happening.  We love the convenience of receiving information at our fingertips.

In the fashion Industry the progression of how social media, has definitely improved the way we can track trends and follow fashion news. Personally,  Twitter is one of the best ways to engage with fashion updates. 

Want to know what slays?  

What brand ripped off black culture?

Or, anything new in the industry?


Follow BBOYGREGORY & mefeater


These are 2 of my favorite twitter pages, they deliver on demand accurate fashion updates. Providing information at the rate that these two accounts do is difficult; but they get it right everytime.

Check out what drives the owner's as the push and cultivate the fashion culture on their twitter accounts.


This fashion influencer, personal twitter account has a focus on fashion history.  Boy Gregory is aiming to teach and inform; especially black youth interested in fashion. He focuses a lot on fashion history. For him it's the most important thing a follower can get from him. His profile isn't alway fashion focused, but is always informative. Make sure you follow him, he's working on creating a platform called 'PERSONAL+SPACE'.  Aimed to give more opportunities to his followers to learn things about fashion, art and culture.


The young youthful magazine MeFeater's editor Gabrielle took the time to share with us, what goes into how they curate their twitter culture.

Gabrielle: Twitter itself. It's an honest platform where content is king. As a young magazine Twitter Fits us like a glove because we are allowed to see what our audience is thinking. The honest and loud opinions of what our readers tell us daily is what curates the content and keep us on our toes. We appreciate our followers greatly.


Want to stay on top of Fashion New Follow these Accounts, like yesterday!


Geneva Clark