Will Adidas be First to Mass Produce 3D printed shoes?

If you are into design, these are the innovations that should be on your radar. 3d printing has become more and more popular amongst incubators and different industries . The race to create a way to print at a faster rate is being explored heavily, and inventors are getting very close. For example Adidas, is racing to be a leader in the shoe industry to mass produce 3d shoes. Having already released a  limited edition 3D printed sole earlier this month, they've sent out PR releases confirming that they in fact are planning to mass produce 3D printed shoes next year. They are also working on a project called Future Craft 4D that is based off of 3D printing.  Finding it more cost effective for the company, they've put their resources into becoming the leader in footwear to implement this technology. They of course aren't the only major athletic footwear brand that has been playing around with the technology, but it looks like they'll be the first to mass produce.

Not to mention it would add inclusivity to the brand being able to personalize to the customer. Which is very important especially since we all come in different shapes in sizes. For the last several years european companies have  been working on 3D printing, and many industries foresee it becoming the norm by 2022. So from one designer to the next, don't be late to the party, Adidas sure isn't.


To find out more information on the Adidas Future Craft 4D click HERE.

Geneva Clark