3 Apps That Every Fashion IT Babe Should Have

We are always on our phones, checking the latest news and gossip. If you're a trendsetter than you're always scrolling through your favorite IT girls Instagram. In a industry like the fashion industry, you have to get everything on site before you miss out on the new and hottest trends. Everyone has apps, and their finger ready to push that buy button. As the demand increases and technology evolves, you can see that the way you shop is changing. 

I've compiled 3 of the best apps a trendsetter/ Insta IT influencer should download!


Shop Items you love from screenshots. Just screenshot the picture open it in the app and shop, simple, and easy it's  at your fingertips.

2. Stylect

For all my shoe addicts, we have Stylect a platform to shop all your feet fetishs. From designer to slides, with over a 300,000 options you'd never run out of  options. You can also snag your favorite designers to accessorize with.

3. Depop

This Instagram replica is a user friendly community. I like to think of it as a your virtual thrift store, shop your friends and even celebrity closets. You're sure to find a rare gems and more on this app. I love it for the community engagement and the at easy shopping experience. You can also sale things to make a quick buck.

Geneva Clark