Project Jacquard: Smart Denim

I started this blog to share my passion for technology and it's integration into the fashion industry.  I get so excited when, I come across innovative developments all the time. Today from the desk of Google (yes, google is really pushing to be the matriarchs of wearable technology) we have a denim collaboration with the Levi Commuter Line. Engineers and textile developers have developed a unique jacquard thread that is conductive and seamless. The textile is safe and has been programmed to read body movements as you commute via bike. Controls will feature GPS, music compatibility, Bluetooth compatible, and phone screening options. Making it accessible to commute with ease as a biker and also making it safer. Watch a video of how it works below.


Levi has developed a stylish denim jacket to be sustainable for  bikers. Releasing this spring in select Levi stores and online. It's a different route for wearable technology, but I'm excited to see the outcome of the product.

Geneva Clark