Digital Influence

Our daily dosage on media and the vast need to share our where about have become a modern addiction. It's something so addictive about the immediate responses and attention from the likes and DM's on our favorite social platforms.

Different markets and industry are now learning and cultivating new ways to create products,services and financial gain from this new culture. For example data mapping is growing rapidly and now the fashion industry is looking into incorporating it into the industry.Hoping to advance into a territory that offers growth and opportunity, to your cool fashion IT guy/girl aesthetics. Google and H&M are collaborating on the next big thing in fashion.

It's called coded couture and it's a unique dress designed based off your lifestyle. Coded Couture is basically an app that would track the user's daily activities to build their own personalized and functional dress. 

Using an app that is currently being developed by Google to track your daily activities. These activities would than map out the perfect dress or outfit to fit your lifestyle. When I watched the video I wasn't expecting the dress to be wearable and trendy. But as the video goes on you see a very elegant and sexy dress designed for the model. Ivyrevel is the brand that is going to help produce designs and innovative garments. I have nothing but excitement for what's to come from this collaboration.   

This app will be a mega game changer in the Industry. I can see many style bloggers and elites promoting this. It's a fresh and innovative move in women-swear. For the female who despises shopping and the female that never can find anything to wear. This is a simple fix; if launched without any bugs and a user friendly interface than the limits of this concepts would open up a whole new industry.


Super excited for this custom digital experience. 

Geneva Clark